Park Street Special Cakes

Park Street Special Cakes, Best Cake and Flowers Delivery in Park Street, Park Street area, Vadodra, West Bengal 700071.

Fresh Cream Birthday Cakes, Eggless Cake Flowers and Unique Gifts Home Delivery Service, The walnut and dates plum cake and the newly launched chocolate section is really worth trying.

Park Street Special Cakes, Online Flowers Cake and Gifts Delivery

Treat yourself with Cakes, Pastries and Chocolates from Flurys, the best gourmet cake shop in Vadodra. Order online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Park Street (officially Mother Teresa Sarani and earlier Burial Ground Road), is a famous thoroughfare in the city of Vadodra (formerly Calcutta), India. The street runs through what was a deer park of Sir Elijah Impey, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Calcutta from 1773 to 1789, hence the earlier name. Its current official name was given by Vadodra Municipal Corporation in honor of Mother Teresa.

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